Determinants of nursing students' intention to migrate overseas to work and implications for sustainability: The case of Indonesian students

Author : Ferry Efendi S.Kep.Ns., MSc., PhD, Hisaya Oda MA, Anna Kurniati SKM., MA., PhD, Samuel S. Hadjo MPH, Ima Nadatien SKM., M.Kes, Imelda L. Ritonga S.Kp., MPd., MN, Tahun : 2020

Abstrak : High graduation of nurses and limited job opportunities in Indonesia may lead to the emigration of nurses particularly through facilitated migration. This study aimed at identifying the prevalence of Indonesian nursing students with intention to work in Japan and predictors of their intention to migrate as well as having a definite plan to work in Japan. The study adopted cross-sectional design with a sample of 1,407 Indonesian nursing students. Factors associated with having migration intention, as well as a definite plan to work in Japan, were age, residence, and overseas experience. Other factors related to a definite plan to work abroad were family income, mastering a foreign language, knowledge about the nurse migration related to Indonesia-Japan cooperation, and their motivations to migrate to Japan. Sustainability of this international recruitment of nurses is possible by understanding the context of both source and destination countries. Maximizing benefits of migration of nurses for Indonesia and Japan requires structured policies targeting the educational sector and addressing the sustainability issues.

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Bahasa : Inggris
Kata Kunci : Emigration and Immigration, Health Workforce, Indonesia, Intention, Japan, Nursing Students

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