Effect of Classical Music Therapy on Blood Pressure Reduction in Hypertension Patients at Hospital

Author : Bernita Silalalhi, Tahun : 2020

Abstrak : Hypertension is a common disease in patients due to a decrease in the physiological system, especially in the cardiovascular system. At the moment there is one non-pharmacological method that can lower blood pressure by listening to classical music. The purpose of this research is to find out the influence of classical music. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of classical music therapy on blood pressure reduction in patients with hypertense. This research is an experimental research with cross sectional design conducted in December-February 2019 at Imelda General Hospital Medan, East Medan District. The sample in this study was hypertension patients as many as 31 people collected by concesutive sampling. Heipertensi obtained by blood pressure examination and interview history of consumption of antihypertensive drugs. The results of the study obtained a sample of 31 people, namely 15 men and 16 women, and then the sample was given classical music therapy. With the result that as many as 16 samples experienced a decrease in blood pressure and 15 samples did not experience a decrease in blood pressure. Based on the results of the analysis of T-test and Chi-Square obtained the influence of classical music on the decrease in blood pressure of patients with hypertension (p value= 0.000). Then the decrease in blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

Link URL : https://aisyah.journalpress.id/index.php/jika/article/view/5117